The green pearl of the adriatic sea

Known as the green pearl of the Adriatic, Riccione thrives on music and energy. Since the 1960s it has been chosen by international tourism as the embodiment of Fellini's dolce vita, whose villas with their fascinating architecture have enchanted photographers such as Claude Nori and Luigi Ghirri. Nightlife translates into the historic discos of the 1980s, hidden in the hills, like a new Italian-style Hollywood.

Marittimo tips

  • Relax on the affiliated beach
  • Back and forth in the shopping district of Viale Ceccarini
  • Contemporart Art Gallery Villa Franceschi 
  • Visit the Cervia Natural Park and Salt Pans
  • Explore the area on foot or by bicycle
  • Organise a boat trip
  • Organise horseback excursions